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Brite Star Foundation

The VWG Foundations a 501 (c) 3,  is proud to support charities that focus on children, families, and their pets. The VWG Foundation mandate is to reach millions of children and families globally through life learning skills. 


The VWG Foundation supports the special charity  book series created by  

Vincent W Goett. The Brite Star Kids Giving Back, is centered around the characters in the town of Brite Star and featured in the Brite Star Learning Network that teaches children and families the importance of "Giving Back."

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The VWG Foundation is offering families, students,  preschools, schools and religious organizations grants for living skills learning materials.

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School Grants
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In addition,  with the support of the VWG Foundation the Brite Star Learning Network and Brite star Christian Academy is going Globally with the goal to provide Education to Families and Students around the World.


Brite Star Ranch Animal

Rescue/Adoption Package

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

—Mahatma Gandhi

The Brite Star Animal Rescue/Adoption Program is designed to benefit the animals living at the Brite Star Ranch and provide materials to schools to help educate children (grades 1-3) on the importance of caring for every living


Animal Grants